Welcome to the online account opening portal for Total Uganda customers

  • This portal allows you to initiate the account opening process online and have everything finalised online without stepping a foot at our offices.
  • Zero paperwork
  • Faster approval of your application
  • Instant notifications at each key stage, no need to walk to our offices for follow-up
  • You have a dedicated menu where you can track the status of your application
  • You’ll need to have softcopies (in .pdf, jpg, .jpeg) of all company registration details.
  • This includes your TIN, registration no. and relevant certificates
  • The requirements will vary depending on the nature of agreement you want to have with TOTAL
  • The process will take you between 15-20mins to complete.
  • You have a menu where you can find details of your account manager (name, email and address and mobile)
  • In addition to the above, we provide our customer service details
  • The contract will be signed online
  • Just look out for an email from cgpay-noreply@cegedim.com with subject TOTAL: SYGO - "XXXX"
  • This may most likely be because of wrong files attached.
  • None the less, you’ll receive a notification in case we need further action from you
Yes you will receive an email notification upon completion of your request